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About Flutterwave

All You Need to Know about Flutterwave

Flutterwave is an online payment gateway that provides merchants and banks to accept, manage and process digital payments through a seamless and secure payment solution. With Flutterwave, a merchant can accept local and international payments from card and bank accounts….

HNG Internship - Start

A Good Way to START Your Dev Career

Hollywood has glamorised the everyday computer programmer. To the average person, a programmer is this individual who stays at home all day long; sipping soda, peering into screens, typing long cryptic messages on a fancy keyboard and playing video games…

Healthy School lunches for kids

8 Healthy School Lunches for Kids and Teens

It’s back to school season and school will be resuming soon. With this comes the concern with the lunchbox of children: We need to think about healthy snacks, attractive to the little ones, avoiding the sameness and very caloric options, making harmonic, practical, fast…

Praising God

Praise and Its Importance

There are many ways to change difficult situations in our lives and one of them is by PRAISE. Praising God is not reserved for when everything is rosy or when you are in church. It can be a lifestyle: at…

habits of happy people

17 Habits of Happy People

It is now fashionable to talk about happiness, create different rules and methods for achieving it. And to make ratings from the series:[tooltip id=”24af681ffbcdc61586e9a7e5b75c03ac”][tooltip id=”6ba13091610837c361ff46fc6e8d7566″] [/tooltip][/tooltip]15 main reasons to be happy or what you simply have to do until you…