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17 Habits of Happy People

habits of happy people  - habits of happy people - 17 Habits of Happy People
Written by Ikechukwu Onu

It is now fashionable to talk about happiness, create different rules and methods for achieving it. And to make ratings from the series: 15 main reasons to be happy or what you simply have to do until you die – the main trendy trend. But this selection really proved to be very funny in my opinion. I could not resist, in general.

habits of happy people  - habits of happy people 1024x682 - 17 Habits of Happy People

According to the idea of carrying out these actions and making them habits, you will become a happy person almost voluntary-compulsorily:

1. Surround yourself with happy people.
As they say: Tell me who your friend is, and I’ll tell you who you are. And indeed, studies of psychologists confirm this folk wisdom. Any feeling is contagious due to empathy, so happiness can be shared. However, as well as despondency, sadness and any other feeling and state.

2. Smile!
This works not only from the inside out, as we are used to, but vice versa. That is, if experiencing joy, we smile. So, smiling, we after a while begin to experience joy. Since our obedient body begins to produce hormones of happiness.

3. Learn to recover.
Really happy people know how to recover even after a very large shock.

4. Do you want to be happy – be it!
All the same, psychologists came to the conclusion that we achieve quickly exactly those tasks on which we keep the focus of attention. Therefore, to achieve happiness, it is necessary to strive for it with all its might.

5. Observe the good.
Happy people are able not only to celebrate great achievements and victories but also to enjoy pleasant little things and small achievements. Our life consists of such trifles.

Also, the eternal dispute between optimists and pessimists must be attributed to this point. If you notice as much good as possible, it’s pretty easy to become an optimist! Also, psychologists point out the fact that optimists believe that the defeat is temporary, they do not take the blame for it and are sure that they just were not lucky. What only stimulates them to try harder and move on, not focusing on losses.

6. Know how to appreciate simple pleasures.
Even the most ordinary events can bring pleasure and a sense of happiness: a beautiful sunset, a tasty ice cream, even those that are full of hugging obnoshki) In other words, one must be able to appreciate what you have and be grateful for it.

7. Being able not only to take but also to give.
Happy people not only enjoy their own lives, they also try to share their joy and do good. No matter how trite it may sound, but these emotions and deeds do come back. By the way, even if you do not believe in this cycle of affairs in the universe, it is worth considering that scientists have discovered that good deeds increase the production of dopamine in the human body. This phenomenon even received the name – the buzz of the helper.

8. Be keen!
For the state of harmony, each person needs to have some very important and difficult task for him, in which he sinks completely and loses the course of time. This business motivates, inspires requires training and becomes a challenge to the routine.

9. Communicate shipped!
This point implies two things at once. First, apart from an easy and non-binding communication, each person needs a serious and deep. Talk about personal and important help to understand your desires and needs, share your worldview and feel ownership of something. And secondly, such communication implies the ability to listen, and not just talk. This helps to strengthen the connections between individuals and give a sense of comfort.

10. Spend money on others!
It turns out that happiness can still be bought. That’s only with one caveat: for this, you need to spend money on others. Therefore, by spending money on others, we buy happiness.

11. Listen to good music!
Music has a unique power to influence our condition. Therefore, choosing a sad music, we are a little sad and nostalgic. And listening to foolish rhythms, we raise our mood!

12. Practice spiritual practices!
And it does not matter what exactly it will be: yoga, all sorts of energy practices or sincere belief. By the way, the manifestation of sympathy or charity, too, gives its fruits. Meditation or prayer gives a breather in an endless race and an opportunity to think about serious things. They become a sign of the way and really help in development.

13. Get on the skis!
In connection with the general enthusiasm for sports, it is not serious to speak about the usefulness of physical exercises. And yet such loads stimulate endorphins in the human body, and in turn, it gives a sense of happiness. A lot of experiments have proved that sport helps to combat the symptoms of depression and removes states of anxiety and depression. And Thanks to sport, we improve the condition of our body and its appearance, which also gives us satisfaction and happiness.

14. Walk!
Fresh air and nature are necessary for achieving harmony and happiness. Even a short walk increases the well-being, tonus and thirst for life. So if you want to drink another cup of coffee in the middle of the day, it’s better to replace it with a small walk.

15. Wider step!
Another interesting observation: happy people always have a free and uninhibited gait. They really have a wider step, they do not look at their feet, but more and more on the sides, and move rather quickly. This way of walking also causes the necessary chemical reactions in the human brain and leads to the desired result.

16. Do not jump up in the morning!
Soak up in the morning in bed – now everyone’s absolutely legal right! And it has nothing to do with laziness, now it is for certain that this is a necessary part of awakening in a good mood during the day. And if you still have enough sleep, then a little more happiness is just guaranteed!

17. Laughter!
About smiles already were, here we are talking about infectious laughter, which, as already known, prolongs life and gives happiness. Also, laughter reduces sensitivity to pain and stress. So laugh just need to be on a regular basis and preferably more often.

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