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Lifejournalism is an internet community for everyone. Our main focus is to provide a platform for everyone to share trending informative and educative contents via writing designed to appeal to a public audience. We love contents that are evergreen even after months and years of its publication. We cover the activities of Technology, Health, Lifestyle, Education and Jobs for now. Other areas can be included based on suggestions.

Lifejournalism is developing with the participation of users. Any visitor to the website, may not only receive information but also share it with us. Bloggers, Ghost Authors and Writers are welcome to share their contents on our website. Contents will be credited with your Author Bio and social networks links. Also content can’t be republished or copied anywhere it stays on Life journalism if republished somewhere else we have the right to take down the content without your notice.

To become an author of the content on LifeJournalism.com you only need to submit the simplified registration procedure and have access to add news and photos. The main topics of the website are technology, health, lifestyle, education, and jobs. So join us and fill the resource on your own with the interesting information, which will be available for thousands of users around the world!