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Hollywood has glamorised the everyday computer programmer. To the average person, a programmer is this individual who stays at home all day long; sipping soda, peering into screens, typing long cryptic messages on a fancy keyboard and playing video games during spare times.
This might sound true for certain people, but we rarely hear of the hard work and long nights of searching for errors that these programmers have to endure in order to become proficient to the point of living their best life as Hollywood depicts.

Many people love the idea of sitting in front of a computer till 2 am sipping on coffee or soda and typing away at the keyboard. They love the idea of writing super codes but they have not developed enough grit to bring it to reality, either because the idea seems so far-fetched or that they consider the art and science of programming as a task only for the geniuses of this generation.

A few weeks ago, a number of young people were ready to brave the odds and step into that life of becoming “the geniuses of this generation” – people who use code to change the world. These people were enlisted to commence the HNG pre-internship program dubbed STARTdotNG – rightfully named in a bid to establish the fact that the programme is the foundation for something greater.

programming language - Startdotng

In a span of two weeks, Startdotng, led by the founder of Nigeria’s premier hotel booking agency, Mark Essien, has transformed a few rookie computer enthusiasts into passionate programmers who are able to combine their knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Machine Learning and Digital Marketing to produce digital products to solve problems for real people, real challenges of the World Wide Web.

The pre-internship programme was designed to give young people a level playing field as they gather experience towards the actual internship programme organized by the parent organization, HNG. The aim of the internship is to find the most talented African Developers and give them the opportunity to excel, which is what Startdotng has been doing.
The philosophy of Startdotng has been simple:

Bring aspiring programmers together. This created a level platform for everyone to express their passion towards a technologically proficient future.

  • Introduce the interns to simple programming concepts. With projects and tasks, the interns have been able to learn new terms and processes quickly.
  • Create an exciting learning environment which fosters collaboration and helps the interns develop social skills.
  • With this philosophy and the influence of other partner companies, Startdotng prepares these participants for the next level of internship which will involve them using their newly acquired skills to solve scalable real-world problems.

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