cold heart

Poetry: Cold Heart

Audible chattery sounds sneak in from my windows./
Registering joy, careless joy in my ears as it flows./
My heart is all too familiar with this joy/
And none of it does it long to enjoy./
Shivering as I try to hold back tears/
Like a dark cloud holding all it could bear./
Each breath I took had a ripple effect on my throat./
I am losing it. My eyes are already soaked./
A combination of letters called words/
has invaded my fortress, my walls./
Same lips that spoke of love/
Spoke of hurtful things worst than a shove./
How could it speak to me as being evil?/
After all, I did was to love and believe you/
as being perfect, No spots./
Guess It’s my fault./
I envisioned and dinned with a lie/
It wrecked me, I paid its price./
Each cute things you said I gulped./
We had trust, we had intimacy and there was no golf./
‘cos we had communication. We had love./
Like Royalties, I felt we had all./
How wrong could I have been./
Entangled in a false euphoria. I was a human being./
This is what light does when a place glooms./
It creeps in and illumes./
It announces. It describes./
Lack of trust in ‘us’. That’s what it described./

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