Inspiration Poetry

POETRY: Feelings You Bring

feelings you bring - love
Written by Ikechukwu Onu


I feel like a desert who just had a glimpse of life-water.
A drop like thought of you, I realized that you’re all that matter.
Moments with you are stored like a cactus
to be ruminated when distance jealously separates us.
Your radiant smile is brighter than the desert sun,
sending gushes of joy with an unending feeling of warmth.
Sudden awareness of your presence causes goose-flesh
like dust raised when the noonday sun stretches.

I feel like a moon who have never seen a star.
Strange but true because you glow from afar.
Anything you see up are all fireflies.
Still wondering why they fill the land of dark skies.
Each eye contact sends a radiant glow from our cheeks
to the earth, exposing everything that creeps.
If our moment doesn’t last all day
it is saved in my heart til when next your tender-self say,’hey!’

I feel like I just had the strangest dé jàvu.
A feeling of love not but previously experienced with you.
I feel like we won’t last forever.
Then a glimpse of you agrees; it won’t last forever
but beyond forever, stopping at infinity.
This feeling is definite.
I feel like I can appropriately define love
but another moment with you proved my definition ain’t good enough.



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